New Series on New Music!

Ben Boretz and the New Music Department at WKCR-FM (89.9 and will initiate a series of biweekly broadcasts on the intellectual strain in postwar American music, in conversation with Ethan Perets, New Music Director for WKCR, with a 3-hour session on Wednesday, May 18, from 3 to 6 P.M. EDT. The interview will cover music by Ben Boretz and the older and younger American composers whose musical and intellectual presences have defined his musical community. Milton Babbitt and John Cage are the iconic paradigms of American thinker-composers; but the range of ideas and modes of thought and music-making over this time is vast: the interview will focus on those who have been most present to Boretz, beginning with his teachers and those who collaborated and contended (and studied) with him during the years of the formation of Perspectives of New Music, the American Society of University Composers, Music Program Zero at Bard College, and Open Space. Just a few: Arthur Berger, Jim Randall, Ken Gaburo, Herbert Brün, Jim Tenney, LaMonte Young, ...Tune in Wednesday, May 18th at 3:00!