Middle Eastern Influences: Thursday, Nov 8th at midnight

Look forward to hear from Brian Prunka -leader of the group Nashaz- telling us more about his new album and his experience creating a multi-cultural music that engages listeners of Arabic music, jazz, and 'oud (Arabic lute). Led by composer and 'oudist Brian Prunka, the music ranges from dance-like, contemplative, energetic and fiery, revealing a depth of understanding of the Arabic maqam, and the ornamentation and phrasing that characterize the 'oud tradition. As a composer, Prunka successfully blurs the lines between two sonic worlds - jazz and Arab music - creating a style that showcases the best of both while striking out in stirring new directions.

Nashaz literally means "dissonance" in Arabic, and in this context, relays the idea that expansive and innovative music will challenge listeners' preconceived notions of both traditions, taking them out of their comfort zone, though in reality the resultant sound is compelling, alluring, and always powerful. Nashaz's music reflects the best of both worlds and fans of jazz, Arabic music, and great instrumental playing and composing will find much to enjoy in this concert celebrating the ensemble's new CD release "Nashaz".

If you have any spcific questions you'd like to ask Brian, email us at ial@wkcr.org

Stay tuned!!