Michael Kay and Bob Klapisch on The Firing Lion

Thursday, June 1, 2023 - 9:00pm to 10:00pm

Tune in to the Firing Lion Thursday June 1st for two amazing interviews!

First at 9:00PM, hear Schuyler Rabbin-Birnbaum interview Yankees TV play-by-play broadcaster Michael Kay. The two talk rule changes, the origin of "see ya," and much more!

Then, at 9:30PM, hear Schuyler Rabbin-Birnbaum interview baseball columnist, author, and Columbia alum Bob Klapisch. Klapisch dishes on his start at Spec, encountering Bobby Bonilla post '92, and more!

89.9FM in the New York City area and wkcr.org

The full interviews can be accessed at the following links:

Michael Kay interview: https://www.cc-seas.columbia.edu/wkcr/audio/michael-kay-interview

Bob Klapisch interview: https://www.cc-seas.columbia.edu/wkcr/audio/bob-klapisch-interview