Mal Waldron Profiled: Sunday June 9th at 2 pm

Tune in at 2 pm to hear an in depth profile of the pianist Mal Waldron! The program will look at the overall arc of his long career, highlighting some of his more famous recordings with musicians like Eric Dolphy, Steve Lacy, and David Friesen. Trained in composition at conservatory, Mal Waldron was active from 1957 until his death in 2002. His career can be separated into phases: his time in the late 1950s at Prestige working with Billie Holiday and playing in Charles Mingus' Jazz Workshop, the early 1960s collaboration with Eric Dolphy, Waldron's permanent relocation to Europe in 1965, and subsequent career on the continent and in Japan, and his eventual return to performing in the states. The profile aims to give the listener a sense of scope of Waldron's work as a musician and composer. Hosted by Sophie Rubashkin.