Live Constructions: Brooklyn Raga Massive All-Stars play Terry Riley's "In C"

Sunday, November 9, 2014 - 10:00pm to 11:00pm

Tune in to Live Constructions this Sunday, November 9th at 10PM to hear a live, in-studio performance of Terry Riley's masterpiece, "In C" by the Brooklyn Raga Massive All-Stars. Riley was deeply influenced by his studies of Hindustani vocal music but according to the composer himself, as far as he knows, this is the only group that performs “In C” with an ensemble of mostly Indian instruments. The group includes which includes siitars, tablas, sarods, bansuri, vocals, cello, guitars, vibes, dilruba, sax, and more. This performance, led by Neel Murgai, will be a unique and greatly refreshing interpretation of the classic New Music composition. Tune in!

Brooklyn Raga Massive began in the Fall of 2011 as a cooperative alliance between several Indian Classical Musicians in the Brooklyn, NYC area. Brooklyn Raga Massive is not a band, and it is not an exclusive club with members. The Massive is a platform for all lovers of Raga music, listeners and practitioners, to get closer to the pulse of NYCs live Raga music scene. The Brooklyn Raga Massive is managed by artists, and is meant to help bring the community of Raga lovers together. The Massive’s collaborative approach towards unifying and building the scene of Raga music in NYC leads its members towards each other, as well as provides the spark for the Brooklyn Raga Massive events and gatherings. The Massive is dedicated to presenting and representing Indian Classical Music in all its diversity of today.