Joe Sullivan Profile: Sunday, September 29th at 2pm

Join us from 2-7pm to hear an in depth profile of jazz pianist Joe Sullivan. Born in Chicago, November 4th, 1906, Sullivan idolized Fats Waller and Earl Hines, successfully combining the left hand rhythms of stride and the right hand "trumpet-style" piano out of Chicago. He attended classes at the Chicago Conservatory of Music in 1922-23 and expanded his group of friends to include Eddie Condon, Benny Goodman, and Jimmy McPartland. Sullivan joined the musician's union in 1924 and began playing all over Chicago and on the radio; by 1927 he was an established figure in Chicago jazz and would record with Eddie Condon and then with William (Red) McKenzie in two sessions that further boosted his prominence in the scene. A rocky relocation to New York followed but Sullivan proved himself to be capable and talented, and enjoyed many years of successful touring and recording with various big bands and groups. Host Emily Fenster will guide listeners through his rich career, highlighting important recordings and pivotal performances.