Jess Stacy Birthday Profile: Sunday August 11th at 2pm

Tune in from 2-7pm on Sunday, August 11th for a profile of jazz pianist Jess Stacy on what would have been his 109th birthday. Around the time historian Tad Jones discovered Louis Armstrong's real birthday (August 4th), Stacy revealed that that he was born on August 11th, 1904 and not on August 4th, as is still listed in many Jazz references. The program will explore his career from his early recordings with leaders such as Danny Altier, to his extensive recordings with the Benny Goodman Orchestra as well as the numerous other recordings he made with musicians such as Bob Crosby, Bud Freeman and Eddie Condon. The show will also feature the numerous solo recordings Jess Stacy made over the course of his career. Stay tuned until 5 pm to hear a live interview with Phil Schaap, who knew Stacy personally and will provide first-hand insight into pianist's life and music. Hosted by Charles Iselin.