Islamic Influences on Music in In All Languages: Sunday 20th of July at 11pm

This week's IAL will be a survey of music with Islamic influences, from Iran, Morocco, Algeria, Mali and the Balkans. We will begin with the album The Persian Santur, which features the traditional Iranian dulcimer in solo and chamber works. After that, we will hear Moroccan Street Music, which features various Moroccan folk standards. We will then foray into modern music, beginning with Kabyle music from two Algerian Berber singer/songwriters, Ouardia and Ahcene Adjroud, followed by Emmaar, the newest release from Tinariwen, a Tuareg Berber group from the Sahara region of northern Mali. We will then briefly return to traditional music with the ritualistic chants of "Islamic Ritual from Yugoslavia: Zikr of the Rufa'i Brotherhood". This album from the former Yugoslavia then connects us with the Balkan region of Europe, which is the focus of the final album in this program Bam! Mustaphas Play Stereo, from the British world music band 3 Mustaphas 3.