Bach Festival 2013

WKCR announces the annual Bach Festival 2013. For the ten-day period from December 21st at 9:00pm through New Year's Eve at midnight, WKCR will dedicate all broadcasting to the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. This yearly marathon broadcast is a defining aspect of the WKCR philosophy and a hallmark of the winter season on New York radio. Please read more for a schedule detailing major works.

J.S. Bach has had an unparalleled influence on the Western classical tradition. He has inspired a worldwide following committed to performing and celebrating his work, as well as a devoted and rigorous academic tradition. Bach Festival 2013 will explore this immense body of work; the festival will commence with The St. Matthew Passion, and each day will highlight one or more of Bach's masterpieces.

Bach Festival 2013 will include the familiar voices of WKCR programmers, and also will feature guest scholars and performers presenting different facets of Bach's legacy. Frequent guest and veteran Bach scholar Teri Towe will lead a celebration of the centennial of “The High Priestess of Bach”, pianist and harpsichordist Rosalyn Tureck, and present a segment on the Bach recordings of Pablo Casals. Microtonal specialist Johnny Reinhard will reprise his Christmas Day segment on Microtonal Bach, and pianist Simone Dinnerstein will preview her new album of Bach's Inventions and Sinfonias.

A schedule of major works is as follows:
  • Saturday, December 21st
  • 9pm: St. Matthew Passion
  • Sunday, December 22nd
  • 12pm: Magnificat in D
  • Monday, December 23rd
  • 9am: Brandenburg Concertos
  • Tuesday, December 24th
  • 12pm: Well-Tempered Clavier
  • 3pm: St. Mark Passion
  • Wednesday, December 25th
  • 10am–2pm: Johnny Reinhard
  • 3pm: Christmas Oratorio
  • Thursday, December 26th
  • 12pm: Goldberg Variations
  • Friday, December 27th
  • 9am: Mass in B Minor
  • 3pm: Art of the Fugue
  • Saturday, December 28th
  • 9am–3pm: Teri Towe on Rosalyn Tureck
  • Sunday, December 29th
  • 9am­­–3pm: Teri Towe on Pablo Casals
  • Monday, December 30th
  • 12pm­: Musical Offering
  • 4:30pm–6pm: Simone Dinnerstein album preview
  • Tuesday, December 31st
  • 10pm: St. John Passion