On Arts and Answers: Matt singer! Thursday April 17th, 9:30pm

On Thursday 17th at 9:30pm, the Arts and Answers show welcomes Matt Singer and his band members, who bring crafty lyricism and a warm sound to a surprising range of catchy, dynamic folk-pop songs. His music is refreshing because it doesn’t do just one thing. More than just a wordsmith or “craftsman” (Time Out), Matt makes music that reaches people because it taps into something true. He has been compared to artists from Paul Simon and Elvis Costello to The Magnetic Fields and They Might Be Giants. His newest project focuses on Matt's comedic instincts, a collaboration with vocalists and fellow goofballs Ryan Hobler and Misty Foster. In 3-part harmony, this trio brings high energy and a zany sensibility to songs that are outrageous, outlandish, topical, and ridiculously fun.

Tune in!!