Transfigured Night playlist for 12/20/2012

Myrsini Manney-Ka...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Elliott Sharp (Tectonics) Krkd; Glimpse of Field Effect; Dadastream; Fzarp; Anatomic Dub; Pangra; Faux Facade; Lithic Field & Stream Atonal (ACD 3025)
Elliott Sharp In the Land of the Yahoos; Free Society; Fundementia; L-l-love; Sink or Swim; Station Break; Gulagogo; Ras/Ten; Ornament and Crime; Shopping Maul; Ratnap In the Land of the Yahoos SST
Elliott Sharp & Merzbow Mares1; Esrma1; Mares2; Esrma2 Tranz cami 002
Elliott Sharp Virtual Stance; Raka; Tubing; Dodecane Cyberpunk and the Virtual Stance ALP 95 CD
Elliott Sharp/ Carbon Rheo~ Umbra1 Rheo~Umbra
Elliott Sharp/ Orchestra Carbon Unlockstep; Heads Are Beaten Against Walls, Some Voluntarily; ABS/ DIS/RE/CON/EX/SUB Abstract Repressionism 1990-1999 Victo cd019

This show was focused in exploring the music of Elliott Sharp through his different projects and collaborations. We explore some of his solo projects but also his work with Carbon as well as his collaboration with Merzbow.
Elliott Sharp will be playing at The Freedom Garden on January 19th, 2013.