Transfigured Night playlist for 12/04/2012

Myrsini Manney-Ka...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Barry Truax Beauty and the Beast: Prelude and Scene I; First Interlude and Scene II; Second Interlude and Scene III; Third Interlude and Scene IV Inside
Luc Ferrari L'escalier des aveugles: L'escalier des aveugles; Intermede; Suzanne et le clochard; Interlude; El cuerpo ingles; Interieur; Hommage a Lorca; Izaksun et la pomme; Interference; Sans savoir pourquoi; Nada; Madrid, kilometre zero; La nouvelle de l'escalier L'Escalier Des Aveugles MU 291302
Luc Ferrari Entire album Cycle Des Souvenirs 1995-2000 (2002) BC8
Scott Smallwood debris; night walk; rusted womb of bomber; wind tunnels; chest& chair; ruins of clang Desert Winds: Six Windblown Sound Pieces and Other Works Deep Listening (DL 17-2002 CD)
Alvin Lucier Spherics; Sound on Paper Spherics Lovely Music VR1017
Alvin Lucier I am sitting in a room I am sitting in a room Lovely Music VR 1013
Alvin Lucier In memoriam Jon Higgins Lucier Wolff Schlothauer Frey EWR 9608

Most of this show was devoted to the exploration of different kinds of soundscapes, from Ferrari to Smallwood, while the smaller final part focused on the music of Alvin Lucier.