Transfigured Night playlist for 11/25/2010

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Sissy Spacek First Set; Encore; Second Set 15-Tet Oakland Misanthropic Agenda
Fredy Studer / Robyn Schulkowsky Duo 2 Duos 1, 2 For 4 Ears Records
Stephen Todd / Richard Youngs Bananas 'N' Muffins; Granite Eye; Sixteen 00; Higher Grit; Ladies Of Staines; Techno Won Ton; Hannibal; Perranuthruoe; Berry Georgians VHF Records
A Handful of Dust The Lonesome Death of Albert Ayler; Logopandocy; Masonic Inborn (Parts 1 and 2); Come, Breathe Upon These Slain, That They May Live Musica Humana Corpus Hermeticum
Rehberg & Bauer Finga; Sunday; Nix Null; Revolver Passt Touch
Keith Rowe / John Tillbury Cathnor Duos for Dora Erstwhile
Sutcliffe Jugend Ripper Victims I-XIII We Spit On Their Graves Cold Spring