Transfigured Night playlist for 11/05/2013

Jake Gagne
Artist Title Album Label Link
Morton Subotnick And the Butterflies Begin to Sing Amernet String Quartet New World 80514-2
Morton Subotnick All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis California E.A.R. Unit New World 80514-2
Morton Subotnick The Key To Songs California E.A.R. Unit New Albion NA012
Morton Subotnick Return–a triumph of reason Realized on the Yamaha Computer-Assisted Music System New Albion NA012
Jim Staley Don Giovanni Ikue Mori - drums; Zeena Parkins - harps; Jim Staley - trombone & didjeridu; Tenko - vocals; Davey Williams - electric guitar Einstein Records 002
Sideshow: Songs of Charles Ives The Housatonic at Stockbridge; The Cage; Like a Sick Eagle; Slugging a Vampire; Memories; Thoreau; The See'r; The Circus Band; Serenity; At the River Matt Moran - vibraphone; Adam Good - electric guitar & e-bow; John Hollenbeck - drums, percussion, bells, melodica; Oscar Noriega - alto sax, bass clarinet Composers Recordings CD 2000

First half: Works of Morton Subotnick in anticipation of his upcoming performance with Lillevan at Roulette.  Second half: Reinterpretations of canonic classical works from Mozart and Ives by contemporary performers.