Transfigured Night playlist for 10/16/2012

Sara Cervantes
Artist Title Album Label Link
Nurse With Wound Nil by Mouth; Swansong Alas the Madonna Does not Function United Dairies
Crawling With Tarts Bled es Siba 2 audiofile Tapes
Blowhole sunwise; umpteen; two bass hit; bombastico (in two parts); georgeous; limitations; live for ron; at'em; chunkachunka Feedback Nation Animist Recordings
Blowhole conduit; air; needlefoam; snare song; construct; cooking with seitan; impermanence; conduit III reassembled Animist Recordings

In which relatively ambient works by Nurse With Wound and Crawling With Tarts are explored in the first half, followed by noisier releases by Blowhole.