Transfigured Night playlist for 09/25/2012

Myrsini Manney-Ka...
Artist Title Album Label Link
John Cage Book I; Book II; Book III; Book IV Music of Change- Joseph Kubrera Lovely Music Ltd (LCD 2053)
John Cage Haikai Works for Percussion- Amadinda Percussion Group Works for Percussion Vol. 6 (HCD 31849)
John Cage Litany for the Whale; Solo for Voice 22 from "Songbooks" Litany for the Whale- Theatre of Voices Harmonia Mundi (HMU 907187)
John Cage and Joan La Barbara Songbooks: Solo for Voice 49; Songbooks: Solo for Voice 52; Songbooks: Solo for Voice 67; The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs; Nowth Upon Nacht Singing Through New Albion Records (NA 035)
John Cage Roaratorio; Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegan's Wake John Cage: Roaratorio Ars Acoustica (WER 6303-2)
John Cage The Perilous Night; In the name of the Holocaust Complete Short Works for Prepared Piano- Philipp Vandré mode 180/81
John Cage Indeterminacy Indeterminacy Smithsonain Folkways (SF 4080475)

An examination of the relationship between John Cage's music and literary texts from different traditions, with a special focus on Cage's understanding and reinterpretation of Joyce's 'Finnegan's Wake'.