Transfigured Night playlist for 09/11/2012

Dorian Bon
Artist Title Album Label Link
John Cage Music of Changes
John Cage Music for Amplified Toy Pianos
John Cage Atlas Eclipticalis
John Cage Europera 5
John Cage and David Tudor Cartridge Music
John Cage Variations II
John Cage and David Tudor Variations IV

Cage's early Wesleyan Years. We dip slightly into the unending inventory of moments during the years of this collaboration...the pieces Cage wrote during that time, a few of the characters involved in that network.

Readings from Cage's 'Silence' and Norman O Brown's 'Life Against Death', and 'Love's Body'.

12 minutes mysticism


From 'Music of Changes'- Herbert Henck, Piano

From 'Music for Amplified Toy Pianos' - Juan Hidalgo, Walter Marchetti, Gianni Emilio Simonetti

The link to the amazing scores of Simonetti:

From 'Variations II'- David Tudor