Transfigured Night playlist for 09/08/2012

Xinyu Guan
Artist Title Album Label Link
John Cage Music for Marcel Duchamp; Music for amplified toy pianos; Radio Music; Sixty-two mesostics Re Merce Cunningham (Frammento) John Cage nova musicha n.1
John Cage 36 Mesostics re and not re Marcel Duchamp; Aria for Cathy Berberian John Cage: Litany for the Whale; Paul Hillier: Theatre of Voices Harmonia Mundi USA (907187)
John Cage Mushroom Haiku, excerpt from Silence (1972/69) UbuWeb Sound
John Cage She is Asleep; First Construction (in metal); Second Construction; Third Construction Works for Percussion - Quatuor Helios Wergo 6203-2
John Cage Suite for Toy Piano; Suite for Toy Piano (Orchestration by Lou Harrison) The Seasons ECM 1696
John Cage Double Music; Amores Works for Percussion - Quatuor Helios Wergo 6203-2
John Cage Roaratorio Roaratorio Wergo 6303-2

"What mushroom? What leaf?" Tonight we explore the theme of John Cage's compositions as an autonomous outgrowth - mesostics (a form of verse that spreads out horizontally from a vertical text), the use of color and squiggly lines in his Aria for Cathy Berberian, the Constructions and other percussive pieces (including collaborations with Lou Harrison), Cage's interpretations of Richard Lippold's sculptures and James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, etc.