Transfigured Night playlist for 09/01/2011

Zoë Harris
Artist Title Album Label Link
The Haters Taisic In The Shade of Fire Silent/Hanson
Blowhole Drone Construct; Palimpsest; Springs Recoil 2; Mo; Instructional Audio; Cut My Neck; Widgets and Bevels; Wack that Beehive A Love Extreme Zabriskie Point
Borbetomagus Friendly Fire; Buncha Hair Buncha Hair That Long Agaric
Hijokaidan / Incapacitants / Masami Akita What A Nuisance! Noise From Trading Cards Alchemy
Hanatarash Uriel Live 84 Dec. 16 Zabo—Kyoto Mom 'n' Dad
Incapacitants Long Awaited; Fallen Banker; Inverted Yield Curve; Libra was dead. Since then, he has gone to Morgan Stanley. No Progress Alchemy
Manfred Schoof et al. European Echoes European Echoes FMP
The Haters Live Recording Oct 10, 2010 at Sadie Cole HQ, London BQ

on "European Echoes", side A features Evan Parker, Paul Rutherford, Derek Bailey, Peter Brötzmann, Enrico Rava, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Fred Van Hove, Irene Schweizer ;; side B features Manfred Schoof, Pierre Favre, Han Bennink, Peter Kowald, Buschi Niebergall, Gerd Dudek, Hugh Steinmetz, Arjen Gorter

The final Haters recording played was donated kindly by BQ Gallery from Berlin and can be found as part of an artwork by Dirk Bell. More information on the exhibition relating to the performance can be found here: & here: