Transfigured Night playlist for 08/17/2010

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Controlled Bleeding Scourge Golgotha Staalplaat
Graveyards Untitled #3; Untitled #5; Untitled #9 Live Afternoons Inside @ The Histories Of Your Choice American Tapes
Vodka Soap The Infinite Way Class The Infinite Way Class New Age Cassettes
Sunn O))) Veils It White Veils It White Thin The Hard
Sunn O))) Coma Mirror Angel Coma Southern Lord
Genocide Organ Mind Control; Stalin's Orgelin Leichenlinie Tesco Organization
Burning Star Core & Prurient Wheel Of Fortune; Shame of Niagara; The Yankee Leaper And The Mist Ghosts Of Niagara Hospital Productions
Wolf Eyes Lunatic Binge Lunatic Binge self-released
Cardboard Sax Untitled #4 Cut Out Sax American Tapes
Sewer Goddess Abactio; Invocations Of The Last Cruel Eris Sadisticum Silken Tofu
Mindflayer Rally For A Wind War Pt 1 Whirl Wind Dervish Pt 2 Cracking The Barrier Riffs Expedition To The Hairier Peaks Corleone Records
Ascites Malignant; Abdominal Distension Incisional Drainage self-released
Emeralds Untitled Emeralds Hanson Records