Transfigured Night playlist for 07/19/2012

Kevin "(the) Magu...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Kluster Part Two Klopfzeichen Hypnotic (originally Schwann)
Kluster Part Two Zwei-Osterei Hypnotic (originally Schwann)
Conrad Schnitzler Part Three Conal 2001 Submergence
Popol Vuh In the Gardens of Pharoah; Vuh In the Gardens of Pharoah Celestial Harmonies (originally Pilz)
Tangerine Dream Nebulous Dawn; Zeit Zeit Ohr
Brian Eno Lizard Point; The Lost Day; Tal Coat; Shadow; Lantern Marsh; Unfamiliar Wind; A Clearing; Dunwich Beach Autumn, 1960 Ambient # 4: On Land Editions EG
Bang on a Can All-Stars 1/1 (Eno/Wyatt/Davies); 2/2 (Eno) Music for Airports Point Music

A look at electronic/ambient music in its early phase in Germany and its flowering in Britain.