Transfigured Night playlist for 07/12/2011

Anneke Dunbar-Gronke
Artist Title Album Label Link
Tom Recchion Doomed Ships; Free of Ice; Ships at Sea; Is It a Baldwin?; The Drinking Doctor; Mindless Dread; Space Ship; A Complex Shape In The Sky; A Body of Fish; Enormous Horses; The Worls that Fly Round and Round The Sun; The perpetual Motion Clock; Cara Mia; Chao Chaotica Birdman
Glands of External Secretion + Prick Decay Butane like Fresh Air; Three Advantages of the Electric Spine; Ecosse-Jelly-Lowdown; Dresscode for Megaton; The Double Fists of Rolf Rahn; Beef Beef Paranoia; Snapping Bone - Grrrrr; Speaking of Feathers Who's Who in Hospitalization Starlight Furniture Co.
Sylvie Courvoisier + Mark Nauseef Suite I; Suite II; Suite III Birds of a Feather Unit Records
Michel Smith; Craig Harris; Jean-Francois Denis; John Oswald; Yves Daoust; Claude Shryer; Stephane Roy; Daniel Scheidt; Bruno Degazio; Richard Truhlar; Gilles Gobeil; Robert Normandeau; Francis Dhomont; Roxanne Turcotte Style de bougalou; Somewhere between; Point-virgule; Bell Speeds; Mi bemol; Les oiseaux de Bullion; Resonances d'arabesques; What If; Humoresque 901534; Simulant; Associations libre; Bede; Qui est la?; Miniserie Electro Clips empreintes DIGITALes
Sylvie Courvoisier Texturologie; Contraste 2005 Lonelyville Intakt