Transfigured Night playlist for 06/13/2013

Myrsini Manney-Ka...
Artist Title Album Label Link
If, Bwana Tripping India Tripping India Pogus P 21013-2
Aphex Twin Cliffs; Radiator; Rhubarb; Grass; Mold; Blue Calx; Parallel Strips; Shiny Metal Rods; Grey Stripe; Z Twig Selected Ambient Works Vol. II
y0t0 Deckard; As a Window Would Be, From a Fire; Blue Mountains; Apollo; Carrousel I; Sunn Over Blue Mountains; Carrousel II; Armstrong Nijisousaku
Nurse With Wound 1A; 2B Soliloquy for Lilith Idle Hole
Yellow Swans Foiled; Opt Out; New Life; Going Places Going Places
Merzbow and John Wiese Bonanza; Luxor Skyship; Spell; Erotic Westernscape Multiplication