Transfigured Night playlist for 06/12/2012

Stephan S. Dalal
Artist Title Album Label Link
Charlemagne Palestine Schlingen-Blängen Schlingen-Blängen Charlemagne Palestine
Ravi Padmanabha & Ed Chang Elephant Calls Ravi Padmanabha|Ed Chang "Elephant Calls" R. Padmanabha | E. Chang
Michael Harrison Quest For the Rose | The Garden of Avalon | Land of the Rose From Ancient Worlds For Harmonic Piano M. Harrison
Michael Byron continents of city and love awakening at the inn of the birds M. Byron

Join us for A Transfigured Night, through the night and the mind. S. DALAL π
[a. trans. To alter the figure or appearance of; to change in outward appearance; to transform
Pronunciation: /trɑːnsˈfɪgjʊə(r)/ /træns-/ /-ˈfɪgə(r)/
Etymology: < Latin transfigūrāre to change the shape of.]
TRIVIA ANSWER: Morton Feldman