Transfigured Night playlist for 06/07/2014

Gabriel Ibagon
Artist Title Album Label Link
Oren Ambarchi / Robbie Avenaim Asiyah; Yetzirah; Beriah The Alter Rebbe's Nigun Tzadik
Oren Ambarchi / Keith Rowe squire squire For 4 Ears
Keith Rowe Untitled; Ode Machine No. 2; City Music; '73 A Dimension Of Perfectly Ordinary Reality Matchless Recordings
AMM Generative Theme II & IV Generative Themes Matchless Recordings
David First Strange Over; Distance Receives Permission To Enter Resolver O.O. Discs
David First Drift; Contact; Assemblage The Good Book's (Accurate) Jail Of Escape Dust Coordinates Part 2 O.O. Discs

Guitar Music