Transfigured Night playlist for 05/05/2012

Xinyu Guan
Artist Title Album Label Link
Eliane Radigue Jetsun Mila Jetsun Mila Lovely Music
Eliane Radigue Songs of Milarepa Songs of Milarepa Lovely Music
Eliane Radigue Geelriandre, Arthesis Eliane Radigue Lovely Music
Eliane Radigue Kyema, Intermediate States Kyema, Intermediate States Experimental Intermedia Foundation

Eliane Radigue (1932- ), French composer who worked mostly with synthesizers. Went on a sabbatical to study Tibetan Buddhism from 1975-1979. Inspired by the Mila Kabum, or the story of the 11th-century Tibetan yogi and poet Milarepa.