Transfigured Night playlist for 05/05/2011

Ethan Perets
Artist Title Album Label Link
In Be Tween Noise and; strangely; made "so delicate and strangely made" inverted tree projects
Susie Ibarra Drum Sketches 1-10 Drum Sketches Innova
The Focus Quintet dedicated; foreward; acknowledgments; contents; list of plates; introduction; body; index 1-8 in 1 Sachimay
Cowards Below the Boards; Tremble; Forgotten Resonance; Trace Amounts Tour Demo 2009
Conure The Generation of our Grandfathers; Some Vowed Abstinence; At First, We Didn't Believe It; Thought of Themselves as Germans First; Some Choose Exile; Paragraph 175 The Generation of Our Grandfathers Edgetone Records
Cindytalk The Crackle of My Soul The Crackle of My Soul Editions Mego