Transfigured Night playlist for 05/01/2014

Eleanor Goerss
Artist Title Album Label Link
Mauricio Kagel Variete Kagel 4
Karlhein Stockhausen Kurzwellen Kurzwellen Deutche Grammophon
Pierre Schaeffer Five Noise Studies L'Oeuvre Musicale EMF
Mauricio Kagel ...nach einter Lekture von Orwell Ars Acustica Wergo
Pierre Schaeffer Symphonie pour un homme seul L'Oeuvre Musicale EMF
Pierre Henry Echo d'Orphee (pour P. Schaeffer) L'Oeuvre Musicale EMF
Karlhein Stockhausen Sternklang Park Music for 5 Groups Sternklang Deutche Grammophon

What kind of music are humans able to make in a mechanized age? How do we respond to the sounds of our industrialized world, and is it possible to escape these sounds? This program includes responses to mechanical sounds, an attempt to re-invest in the sounds of the human body, a subsequent descent to hell, and finally a return to nature, with Stockhausen's Sternklang.