Transfigured Night playlist for 04/26/2012

Sara Cervantes
Artist Title Album Label Link
Borbetomagus Friendly Fire; Buncha Hair; One for Tram; In the Nursery; Blue Jay Way Buncha Hair That Long Agaric
Borbetomagus Aftershock; Songs Our Mother Taught Us; After Aftershock Songs Our Mother Taught Us Agaric
Borbetomagus [untitled] Agaric
Bob Crusoe Live at Potluck House
Derek Bailey Drop Me Off at 96th; Listening to JR; Bunn Fight; Mart of Time Parts 1-3; Interlude Drop Me Off At 96th Scatter
Bob Crusoe Live Constructions Set 1/8/12
Borbetomagus Grunion Run Experience the Magic Agaric