Transfigured Night playlist for 04/09/2013

Myrsini Manney-Ka...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Phil Minton & Roger Turner Seemingly; Reasonable; Somewhat; Temperate; No Way; Lie; Tendency; All Probability; With Respect; Most Likely; Quite; Actual Fact; In a Manner Of; Obviously drainage Emanem (CD 4211)
Eugene Chadbourne & Frank Lowe Composition for David Murray; If It Should Happen; Fright; At Reel's End; Bobo Did It; Ghosts; The Clam; Fire Down There; Phantom to Tower; You Were Right in the First Place; 45 1st Ave (take 1); 45 1st Ave (take 2); There's No Place Like Home Don't Punk Out Emanem (CD 4043)
Eugene Chadbourne & Frank Lowe Doctor Too-Much; Don't Punk Out (take 1); Don't Punk Out (take 2) Don't Punk Out Emanem (CD 4043)
Derek Bailey & Han Bennink Melancholy Babes, part 1; Melancholy Babes, part 2 Han CD 02
Phil Minton Quartet Almost There; Lower Down; Higher; A Bit More; Far Off; Closer; Back; Length Slur Emanem (CD 4140)
Joelle Leandre & Kevin Norton winter december #1; winter december #2; winter december #3; winter december #4; winter december #5 Winter in New York CD LR 499