Transfigured Night playlist for 04/03/2010

Charles Blass
Artist Title Album Label Link
Positive Catastrophe Metro Mono Garabatos Volume 1 Cuneiform
Jason Lindner Far Gives You Now Vs Now Anzic
Denis Colin & La Societe Des Arpenteurs Yes! et autres Yes! (1) Subject to Change Chant du Monde / Harmonia Mundi
Franck Biyong & Massak To the Lakes Visions of Kamerun Afrolectric
Burkina Electric Saaga Paspanga Cantaloupe
Sean Noonan's Brewed By Noon Noonbrews Being Brewed By Noon Innova
Jef Lee Johnson The Promise of Lovevolution St. Somebody Dreambox Media
Jef Lee Johnson Free (As You Want To Be) Hype Factory Dreambox Media
Jef Lee Johnson Always Here St. Somebody Dreambox Media
Luther Thomas Trio Here We Go Saxcrobatic Fanatic CIMP
John Zorn The Magus; Hymn for a New Millennium; Journey of the Magicians; Mythic Etude In Search of the Miraculous Tzadik
Peter Apfelbaum & The New York Hieroglyphics Apparition / Projectiles It Is Written ACT
A.D.D. Trio Way Up There; Magmas; All the Time, Anyway Instinct Sound-Service / Bellaphon
Adam Rudoph / Ralph Jones Nectaric Variations; Aspects of Motion; Oshogbo; Dream Inflected Yeyi Meta
Yusef Lateef / Adam Rudolph Concerto for Brother Yusef Towards the Unknown YAL / Meta
Neel Murgai Ensemble Coi Umeed; Raga Khammaj, Rupak Tala; Ngong Neel Murgai Ensemble Innova
Sun Ra Intrinsic Energies; Of Mythic Worlds Of Mythic Worlds Philly Jazz
Sun Ra Love in Outer Space Purple Night A&M

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