Transfigured Night playlist for 03/26/2013

Myrsini Manney-Ka...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Zeena Parkins Outside; The Magician; EL OUED: Romance; Si Mahmoud Essadi: The Convert; La Petite Gironde: Victor Barrucand Lends a Hand; Fever; Monastery of Kenadsa; AIN SEFRA: In Captivity and Flood; Oblivion Seekers; The Breath of Night Isabelle Avan 018
Zeena Parkins The Opium War: A Radio Play The Opium War Einstein Records 010
Ronny Someck, Elliot Sharp Revenge of the Stuttering Child; Bagdad, February '91; Rice Paradise; Embroidered Rag: Poem on Umm Kulthumm; 30 Seconds to Climb the Tit; The Red Catalogue of the Word Sunset; In Answer to the Question: When did your Peace Begin? Revenge of the Stuttering Child Tzadik (TZ 7117)
Ronny Someck, Elliot Sharp How to Know the Age of a Horse, a Love Poem; Blues for the Life That Was Almost Mine; From this Distance the Tombs Look Like a Flight of Storks Revenge of the Stuttering Child Tzadik (TZ 7117)
Elliot Sharp Incandescent; Machine; Float; Letha; Playground; Nightmare Figure Ground Tzadik (1997)
John Zorn Meters; The Bridge/Cocktails; The Willies; The Taxman Cometh; Night Walk; Skit Rhesus; The Boxer; Trick or Treat; The Latin Trip/ Gill's Theme; The Bribe Tzadik (TZ 7320)
John Zorn A Taste of Voodoo; Inhaling the Image; City Chase; Dreams of the Red Chamber; Rash Acts; Chippewa; The Hour of Thirteen; Radio Mouth/ Gill's Theme The Bribe Tzadik (TZ 7320)
Marc Ribot; Ikue Mori; Elliot Sharp; Anthony Coleman; Nick Didkowsky; Otomo Yoshihide; Annie Gosfield; Mark Stewart; Erik Friedlander; David Shea Bird Chant; Amygdala; A Bright Moon Makes a Little Daytime: Hammertoes; A Bright Moon Makes a Little Daytime: Poker Face Alters Conversations; A Bright Moon Makes a Little Daytime: The Ass's Demise Extreme Guitars Mode

"Today I speak in memory of words which once stuck in my throat, of teeth grinding syllables under my tongue, of powder-burns in the gap between gullet an darkened lips. Back then I dreamed of smuggling out words, packaged like stolen goods in the mouths' storeroom, of tearing apart their wrapping and pulling out alphabet toys."