Transfigured Night playlist for 03/13/2014

Sara Cervantes
Artist Title Album Label Link
Borbetomagus Bathed in the Blood of the Lamb; Grunion Run Experience the Magic Agaric
Borbetomagus CHU-72353; DB Dwan; Schmule 93 aos L'Atlas des Galaxies Etranges Non Mi Piace
Borbetomagus Snuff Jazz Agaric
Borbetomagus Barbed Wire Maggots Agaric
Borbetomagus The Original Chirping Chicken; Choking Olga The Original Chirping Chicken Butt Rag Records
Borbetomagus (Borbetomagus) Agaric 1982

Borbetomagus (all night, alright). the three-headed hellhound and their righteous wall of sound. praise be to: Jim Sauter, Don Dietrich, and Donald Miller