Transfigured Night playlist for 03/01/2010

Mia Johnson
Artist Title Album Label Link
Ghedalila Tazartes I., II., & III. Une Eclipse Totale de Soliel Alga Marghen 1979
Pierre Schaeffer Disk 1 L'Oeuvre Musicale EMF
Luc Ferrari Suzanne Et Le Clochard, Interlude , El Cuerpo Inglés, Intérieur, Hommage À Lorca, Izaskun Et La Pomme, Interférence, Sans Savoir Pourquoi, Nada , Madrid, Kilomètre Zéro L'Escalier Des Aveugles Musidisk 1991
Zeena Parkins vita futuristica, this velvet annihilation, dreaming lips, vexed Zeit, slant left, venus smiles, bowed body bonewhite, i-Go No Way Back Atavistic 1998
The Shadow Ring Watch the Water, The Way of the World, Coombe House, Wash What You Eat, Like When Hold Onto I.D Siltbreeze 1998
Annie Gosfield Rotation- The Rails to Furth- From Lever to Wheel, Puncher- The Product of Force and Motion Pipes, Impulse Turbine: Inet, Exhaust-Combustion Chamber, Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery Tzadik 2001