Transfigured Night playlist for 02/22/2011

Ethan Perets
Artist Title Album Label Link
Nurse With Wound Two Mock Projections; The Six Buttons of Sex Appeal; Blank Capsules of Embroidered Cellophane Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella United Dairies
Akemi Naito Solitude; Electronic Landscape; Strings and Time Strings and Time CRI (CD 771)
Larry Kucharz 1995 no. 17 "Clivis" Metachoral Visions BMI
Ravi Padmanabha/Ed Chang Uhtan; Avatar; Elephant Calls; Ivory Asuras; Prana of Sati; Hanuman Calls Elephant Calls Utech Records
Glands of Eternal Secretion/Prick Decay Studies for Wacky Backy; Butane Like Fresh Air; The Music of the Worms in Her Stomach; Snapping Bones: Grrrr; Speaking of Feathers Who's Who in Hospitalization
The Cortet HL; RH; TH; HN; CH HHHH Unsounds

A panoply of possibilities for your listening enjoyment!