Transfigured Night playlist for 02/15/2014

Gabriel Ibagon
Artist Title Album Label Link
The Bill Dixon Orchestra Metamorphosis 1962 - 1966; Nightfall Pieces I; Voices; Nightfall Pieces II Intents and Purposes RCA Victor
Bill Dixon Pages; Solo Considerations 1 Fore
Bill Dixon Sequences Considerations 2 Fore
Manfred Schoof European Echoes European Echoes FMP
Byard Lancaster All Of My Life; Exodus; Philly Jazz Exultation Philly Jazz
John Stevens, Kent Carter, Derek Bailey One Time; U Kent & I; Without Warning; Along the Coast; Not A Dry Glass in the House; Cheers/Tears One Time Incus
Rob Brown Quartet Semantics-1; Out of the Lurch; Radiant Pools; King Cobra; Semantics-2 Radiant Pools Rogue Art