Transfigured Night playlist for 01/19/2010

Dan Malinsky
Artist Title Album Label Link
Sudden Infant Excerpts from Ear Wash SSSM
Pain Jerk & John Wiese Chocolate Grinder Chocolate Grinder 7" Helicopter
Pain Jerk Gadget Bondage Split 7" w/ Skin Crime Self Abuse
Monde Bruits Mou Sukoshi Dake Konomama s/t Alchemy
Monde Bruits MASS part 1 s/t Alchemy
Borbetomagus Coelacanth 6.27.92 & 5.9.93 Coelacanth 7" Agaric
Borbetomagus The Original Chirping Chicken Choking Olga 7" Agaric
Borbetomagus Choking Olga Choking Olga 7" Agaric
Noggin No Man's Land in the War Against Entropy s/t 7"
Noggin If You Dont' Listen, You Could At Least Watch s/t 7"
Noggin Lyrics That Lead Right to the Heart of the Matter Split 7" w/ Azucar
Noggin Excerpts from s/t CD Trachsun Industries
Kazumoto Endo Evergreen Evergreen 7" Pinch a Loaf
Killer Bug (Kazumoto Endo) Masked Porno Star Your Wife Is Mine E.P. Self Abuse
Killer Bug (Kazumoto Endo) Slaughter on the Beach Your Wife Is Mine E.P. Self Abuse
Emil Beaulieau tracks 1-3 Dedicated to Remus Rupert Pure
K2 parts 1 & 3 The Rust
Otomo Yoshihide/Bob Ostertag Excerpts from Twins! Creativeman Disc