Transfigured Night playlist for 01/15/2011

Ethan Perets
Artist Title Album Label Link
Microcosmos Renge Pilgrimage Tzadik
Microcosmos Ashura Pilgrimage Tzadik
Microcosmos Henge Pilgrimage Tzadik
Chop Shop Perpetual Tension - Concert for Speaker Constructions Adventures in Structured Noise Generator Sound Art
Yoshiaki Ochi Beat the Water Natural Sonic Newsic
Duane Pitre/Pilotram Ensemble The Ensemble Chord in E flat with a Minor 7th and a Pump Organ Base Organized Pitches Occurring in Time Important Records
Marc Ribot Noise #1 don't blame me Jasrac
Marc Ribot Spigot don't blame me Jasrac
Marc Ribot Noise #2 don't blame me Jasrac
poire_z bottle_bow + Erstwhile
Zeena Parkins Maul/Blue Mirror Mouth = Maul = Betrayer Tzadik
Pita Untitled 1-6 Get Out Mego
Eli Keszler and Ashley Paul 1-5 REJ Rel Records
Miki Yui Ancienne; Smoke; Garden; At A Harbor; D.Rain Silence Resounding L - NE