Transfigured Night playlist for 01/12/2013

Gabriel Ibagon
Artist Title Album Label Link
Henry Flynt You Are My Everlovin' You Are My Everlovin'
Henry Flynt Celestial Power Celestial Power
Henry Flynt Blue Sky, Highway And Time Back Porch Hillbilly Blues, Vol. 1 Locust Records
Henry Flynt Violin Strobe, Guitar Rebop, Telsat Tune, Full Telsat, S&M Delirium New American Ethnic Music
Amps for Christ Sweet William and Lady Margaret, Janitor of Lunacy, Over the Hills of Marshall, Memorial Immemorial Circuits Vermiform
Merzbow Mantra 1-3 Merzbuddah Important Records
Merzbow Mares1 Elliott Sharp, Merzbow Caminante Recordings