Transfigured Night playlist for 01/09/2010

Dan Malinsky
Artist Title Album Label Link
SLP Studio Version SLP
SLP Live Version SLP
P16.D4 entire LP Tionchor
P16.D4 entire LP Kuhe in 1/2 Trauer
P16.D4 Masse Mensch Masse Mensch [comp.]
P16.D4 Ereignisse VI-VIII Masse Mensch [comp.]
P16.D4 Halbmensch Masse Mensch [comp.]
Stefan E. Schmidt (1+sqrt(5)):2 Compromize [comp.]
Charly Steiger/Cornelia Franke skink ditto
Joachim Pense stuck 4, ver. a & b ditto
JP/SES/RLW maba 81/91 ditto
Markus Caspers nichts gutes ditto
RLW kleine gelbe blumen ditto
Achim Wollscheid ./. ditto
P16.D4 easter anywhere ditto
Achim Wollscheid entire CD Moves

Music by German group P16.D4, the SELEKTION label, and the surrounding projects. All of these recordings were released on SELEKTION, which was responsible for releasing the bulk of P16.D4's material.