Sonidos Colombianos playlist for 07/25/2014

Sadys R. Espitia
Artist Title Album Label Link
Betopey Cumbia del Carnaval
Francisco Zumaqué Colombia Caribe
Banda Sinfónica FDTM Himno Nacional de Colombia
Cantares de Colombia Soy Colombiano
Orlando "El Cholo" Valderrama Colombia
Silva y Villalba Pueblito Viejo
Banda de Hojitas de San Pelayo María Varilla
Carmelo Torres Tierra de Poetas
Soyame La Marimba Pacífico
Billo's Caracas Boys Mi Cali Bella
Grupo Niche Cali Pachanguero
Las Alegres Ambulancias Chimankongo

Today's show is celebrating the 204 years of the independence of Colombia!!  Macondo is a land full of varied and lush aural, visual, and gastronomic landscapes that can be evoked by a cumbia, bambuco, salsa, or paseo vallenato. For second generation Colombian Americans living in New York City, the month of July, filled with festivals, parades, and concerts, brings us closer to the country our parents left behind. Santiago de Cali, aka "La Capital de la Salsa" in South America or "La Sultana" is also celebrating 478 years today! As tradition, we started the program with the Colombian national anthem composed by Orestes Sindici, and lyrics by Rafael Núñez- three-time president of Colombia. We ended with Las Alegres Ambulancias, a famous lumbalu ensemble from San Basilio de Palenque that just made its debut in New York City last week.