Roy Eldridge Birthday Broadcast (January 30th)

Join us on WKCR as we celebrate the life and legacy of musician Roy Eldridge. Born on January 30th, 1911 we will be commemorating the profound impact which this trumpet player had in changing the face of jazz for generations to come. Collaborating with artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Earl Hines, Coleman Hawkins, and Benny Goodman, Eldridge brought a unique and authoritative sound to both the combo and big band settings of which he was a part. His fast and empassioned playing set the stage for artists such as Dizzy Gillespie, who would later develop the Bebop genre. Having been said by Ella Fitzgerald to have "more soul in one note that a lot of people could get into the whole song," the mark which Eldgridge left on the jazz genre cannot be overstated. We will be honoring Eldridge's contribution to jazz here on WKCR by playing 24 hours of his music over the course of his birthday and we hope you will tune in as we relive the career of this great artist through his music.


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