Out to Lunch playlist for 10/19/2012

Eric "The Wind" I...
Artist Title Album Label Link
David S. Ware Trio An Ancient Formula; Ancient Visitors; Passage to Music Passage to Music Silkheart
David S. Ware Bliss Theme; Forward Motion Great Bliss vol. 1 Silkheart
David S. Ware One Two Three; Primary Piece III Great Bliss vol. 2 Silkheart
David S. Ware There Will Never Be Another You; Flight of i; Yesterdays; Infi-Rhythms #1 Flight of i Sony
David S. Ware East Broadway Rundown; Angel Eyes; Third Ear Recitation Third Ear Recitation DIW
David S. Ware Ganesh Sound; Ganesh Sound Reprise; Saturnian Renunciation AUM Fidelity
David S. Ware Methone Saturnian AUM Fidelity

The David S. Ware Memorial begins Friday, October 19th at noon and will run until 6am on Saturday October 20th. We'll celebrate Ware's work on a variety of saxophones (tenor, sopranino, saxello), and as composer and bandleader in a career spanning 40 years and many shades of jazz. The recordings feature David S Ware solo and his collaborations with Cecil Taylor, Andrew Cyrille, his classic quartet - Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Marc Edwards - and many others. Tune in to celebrate David S. Ware.