Out to Lunch playlist for 09/26/2012

Dylan Kario
Artist Title Album Label Link
Diane Moser & Mark Dresser Big Mama; Mattress On a Stick; Star Melodics Duetto CIMP
Billy Bradford, Mark Dresser, Glenn Ferris For Bradford; Bamboo Shoots Live in LA Clean Feed
Jen Shyu + Mark Dresser Mauger Time; Lunation; Kind of Nine Synastry Pi Recording
Trio M The Guest House; Tele Mojo; Even Birds Have Homes (to Return to) The Guest House enja
Jones Jones Jones Zones We All Feel the Same Way SoLyd Records
Mark Dresser Castles For Carter (J.C. / Chain / Armadillo / B.B.J.C. / Coda); Force Cuisine Force Green Soul Note
Mark Dresser & Ray Anderson Slipinstyle; The Five Outer Planets: (Jupiter; Saturn; Uranus; Neptune; Pluto) Nine Songs Together CIMP
Anthony Braxton Composition - No. 131 Five Compositions (Quartet) 1986 Black Saint