Out to Lunch playlist for 08/19/2010

Anabel Anderson
Artist Title Album Label Link
Roswell Rudd, John Tchicai, Finn Von Eyben, Louis Moholo Respects; Old Stuff; Jabulani; Sweet Smells; Pannonnica Roswell Rudd America
Cleve Pozar, Kathy Norris, Jimmy Garrison, Mike Zwerin The Mechanical Answering Service of Chris and Marta White; Robin Hood; Renfield Good Golly Miss Nancy Savoy
Ed Curran, Marc Levin, Kiyoshi Tokunaga Cire, Why?, Mid Tempo, Looking Back Elysa Savoy
Marc Levin, Calo Scott, Tom Moore, Billy Hart, Brian Ross, Bala Krishna, Jay Clayton, Frank Clayton, Dov Clayton Angel's Face has Many Door Jesus, Moses, and John Coltrane Songs, Dances, and Prayers Sweet Dragon
Amina Claudine Myers Toomer Triptych: Sweet Earth Flying, November Cotton Flower, Evening Song Poems for Piano: The Piano Music of Marion Brown Sweet Earth
Jerome Cooper The Unpredictability of Predictability The Unpredictability of Predictability