Out to Lunch playlist for 08/14/2014

Tess Domb Sadof
Artist Title Album Label Link
Ahmed Abdul-Malik, Calo Scott, Tommy Turrentine, Eric Dixon, Bilal Abdurrahman, Andrew Cyrille Oud Blues; La Ibkey; Don't Blame Me The Music of Ahmed Abdul-Malik New Jazz
Ornette Coleman, David Izenzohn Sadness Town Hall 1962 ESP
Selwart Clark, Nathan Goldstein, Julien Barber, Kermit Moore Dedication to Poets and Writers Town Hall 1962 ESP
Leroy Jenkins, Muhal Richard Abrams Greetings and Salutations; Meditation; The Blues Lifelong Ambitions Black Saint
Andrew Hill, Bennie Maupin, Ron Carter, Freddie Waits, Sanford Allen, Selwart Clark, Alfred Brown Poinsettia; Illusion; Fragments One for One Blue Note
John Handy, Michael White, Jerry Hahn, Don Thompson, Terry Clarke If Only We Knew Recorded Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival Columbia
Julius Hemphill, Bakida E.J. Carroll, Hamiet Bluiett, Abdul Wadud, Philip Wilson The Hard Blues 'Coon Bid'ness Arista
Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble: Billy Bang, Bilal Abdurrahman, Henry Warner, William Parker, Khuwana Fuller, Rashid Bakr Illustration; Subhanallah New York Collage Anima
Archie Shepp, Philly Joe Jones, Anthony Braxton, Leroy Jenkins, Chicago Beauchamp, Julio Finn, Earl Freeman "Howling in the silence" a) Raynes or Thunders b) Julio's Song Archie Shepp & Philly Joe Jones Fantasy
Billy Bang Without a Difference Distinction Without a Difference Hat Hut

In the tradition of Stuff Smith (August 14, 1909- September 25, 1967), jazz string from the '60s & '70s