Out to Lunch playlist for 08/08/2014

Gabriel Ibagon
Artist Title Album Label Link
Anthony Braxton Joy Spring; Spring is Here Seven Standards 1985, Volume I Magenta
Anthony Braxton Moment's Notice Seven Standards 1985, Volume II Magenta
Anthony Braxton Side Two New York, Fall 1974 Arista
Anthony Braxton Side Two, cut two Five Pieces 1975 Arista
Sam Rivers Judgement, Hope The Quest Red Records
Sam Rivers Hope; Lust; Desire Involution Blue Note
Vinny Golia Anger Spirits in Fellowship Nine Winds
The Vinny Golia Quintet 218; The Great Adams City Caper; Joey Evans Spies the Mouse Out for Blood Nine Winds
The Vinny Golia Quintet Forbo Columbo Goin' Ahead Nine Winds
Billy Bang Quintet Yaa - Woman Born on Thursday; Bang's Bounce Rainbow Gladiator Soulnote
Billy Bang Levitation for Santana; Focus on Sanity Untitled Gift Anima
Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble Illustration; Subhanallah New York Collage Anima