Out to Lunch playlist for 06/17/2011

Artist Title Album Label Link
Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet whYeXpliCitieS (Part I); whYeXpliCitieS (Part II) ; whYeXpliCitieS (Part III) Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths Hat Hut Records
Austin Peralta Capricornus; Algiers Endless Planets Brainfeeder Records
P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble I'm Wondering Why; The Winterland Winter Wings: The Complete Works 1968-1970 Now Again Records
Either/Orchestra History Lesson Mood Music for Time Travellers Accurate Records
Either/Orchestra No Negative Energy: Intro; No Negative Energy; Doghouse Interior Across the Omniverse Accurate Records
Anthony Coleman By Night; Jevrejski By Night Disco By Night Avant
Erik Friedlaner Rain Bearers; Najime Prowl CryptoGramophone
Erik Friedlander After Hours; Wire Quake CryptoGramophone
Ornette Coleman Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Soapsuds, Soapsuds Verve Harmelodic
Yosuke Yamashite Soul Eyes; First Bridge Crescendo: Live at Sweet Basil Kitty Records