Out to Lunch playlist for 06/16/2011

Anabel Anderson
Artist Title Album Label Link
Infinite Sound: Roland P. Young, Glenn Howell, Aisha Kahlil Spanish Tale; Do it All; Stagflation; The Ocean Moves Primitively Infinite Sound 1750 Arch S-1755
Billy Harper, George Cables, Reggie Workman, Julian Priester, Dick Griffin, Billy Cobham, Warren Smith, Jimmy Owens, and Elvin Jones Sir Galahad Capra Black Strata-East SES-19739
Interface: John Fischer, Charles Tyler, Mark Whitecage, Perry Robinson, Philip Wilson, Rick Kilburn Tolls Interface Live at Environ '77 Re-Entry Records
Steve Lacy Snips; Revolutionary Suicide Snips: Live at Environ '76 Jazz Magnet JAM-2001
Julius Hemphill Kansas City Line; Dirty Row Blue Boye Mbari (also released on CD on ScrewGun Records)
Julius Hemphill, Hamiet Bluiett, Charles Tyler, David Murray, Oliver Lake, Chico Freeman, John Scott Water Music for Woodwinds: Ms. Catherine; Kinspawn; Backwater unreleased- live at Environ, '76 unreleased
Julius Hemphill, Arthur Blythe, Hamiet Bluiett, Abdul Wadud, Barry Altschul, Daniel Ben Zebulon Reflection; Lyric 'Coon Bid'ness Arista Freedom
Julius Hemphill, Abdul Wadud, Famoudou Don Moye Long Rhythm Raw Materials and Residuals Black Saint