Out to Lunch playlist for 05/24/2011

Leena Mahan
Artist Title Album Label Link
Archie Shepp Hambone; Los Olvidados; Malcolm, Malcolm, Semper Malcolm Fire Music Impulse!
Archie Shepp Mama Too Tight; Basheer Mama Too Tight Impulse!
Archie Shepp You're What This Day Is All About; The Magic of Juju The Magic of Juju Impulse!
Archie Shepp Damn If I Know (The Stroller) The Way Ahead Impulse!
Cecil Taylor Quartet Air; Lazy Afternoon Air Candid
Grachan Moncur III When New Africa Actuel
New York Contemporary Five Rufus; Crepusucle With Nellie; Sound Barrier Consequences Fontana
New York Contemporary Five When Will the Blues Leave New York Contemporary Five Delmark
John Coltrane Ascension (Part 1) Ascension Impulse!
Archie Shepp Le Matin Des Noirs; Scag; Call Me By My Rightful Name; Rufus Swung His Face At Last to the Wind Then His Neck Snaped Further Fire Music Impulse!

Celebrating the 74th birthday of Archie Shepp!